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  • Ellie McGuire

Peached Unleashes A Primal Outburst of Scottish Rock On New Single ‘Movie Star’

The rock group "Peached" is from Scotland's west coast. "Movie Star," their latest single, is an energetic head-banger that further solidifies the band's reputation for producing bright, punchy songs that land like a tidal wave of sound waves.

With "Movie Star," Peached hopes to continue their upward trajectory. The song not only demonstrates their skill as musicians but also gives listeners a taste of what to expect in the upcoming year. Peached is definitely a band to watch as they prepare for more performances and releases in 2024. They are bringing a storm of sound from Scotland's scenic west coast to the forefront of the rock scene.

Since releasing music in 2021, Peached has progressively amassed a devoted following. The band, which is well-known for its live performances, has toured all over Scotland, entertaining audiences with their upbeat shows at storied locations like King Tuts and The Garage.

With guitars, drums, and bass in an addictive production, the disco-pop-infused offering sounds great. The catchy production of "Movie Star" is combined with enticing vocals that will grab the attention of listeners right away. Nile Rodgers provided inspiration for the groove. Peached pictured themselves in the late ‘70s, meeting someone at a disco, having a good time, and falling deeply in love.

“It's a song that can always turn my mood around. It is inspired by a true story, but I came up with the disco setting and the whole track changed but the feeling remains true,” says Peached on the release.

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