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  • Dave Bedford

Pop-Punk Band Patient Releases Hard-Hitting New Single

Patient, the dynamic 5-piece band known for their electrifying hybrid sound of rock, pop punk and post-hardcore stylings, release their latest offering, ‘Bon Voyage.’ Based out of Southern Georgia/Florida, Patient emerged in the latter part of the inaugural year of the pandemic, quickly making a name for themselves with their distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Bon Voyage is a hard-hitting single that showcases Patient’s ability to marry sonically explosive sounds with highly emotive subject matters. The track centres around diving deep into someone's clouded mental state during a bad breakup. Patient channelled the raw emotions of loss, anger, and separation into 'Bon Voyage,' resulting in a song that builds to an explosive crescendo of emotion and rage. With it’s impactful drum patterns, impassioned vocal delivery and headbanging breakdown the band have managed to toe the line, creating a heavier pop-punk offering that leans more towards post-hardcore.  

Speaking on the track Patient states "'Bon Voyage' is about walking away from a toxic relationship and knowing that the other person won't realize what they had until you're gone."

Patient burst onto the music scene with their freshman release, ‘Past Lives’, captivating audiences with their raw energy and genuine passion for music. Fueled by the positive reception and the sheer joy of creating, they transitioned seamlessly to their next venture, the ‘Fever Dreams’ EP. With three singles already released from the EP their latest single ‘Bon Voyage’ gives audiences a further taste of what’s to come from ‘Fever Dreams’ which is slated for release in the closing months of the year. 

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