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President Elect Shine On Infectious & Creative New Single 'Pretence'

President Elect, the emerging indie-rockers, share their vibrant new single, 'Pretence', taken from their upcoming EP, You’ve Gotta Lot of Nerve Believing in Me.

Comprising Iggy Waller (vocals and bass), Vincent Barulis (lead guitar), Jude Crook (rhythm guitar), and Zak Waller (drums), the quartet has garnered attention as ones to watch, earning support from tastemaker press and radio (BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing, Sirius XM).

Recorded at RAK Studios with producer Tayte Nickols and mixed/mastered by Lee McCarthy at Sugar House Productions, 'Pretence' continues the trend of previous single 'Drive', leaning further into the indie side of their repertoire. Blending earworm vocal hooks with vibrant guitar-led musicality, the track is driven by its high-octane beat, under chorus-tinted chords, driving bass, and a crunching lead line. Dipping into the verse with swelling synth and reverb-tinted lead vocals, the track gradually grows before exploding into its huge anthemic chorus where guest vocalist Holda Sek makes her first appearance. Through the second verse, Sek takes the lead before the track reaches its climactic final chorus and sprawling instrumental to close out the track.

Speaking on the single, the band explains: "Pretence was written and recorded with our close friend Holda Sek. A song about reflection, past relationships, and the idea that what you thought something would be was better than it actually was. Every inch of this song feels like you’re listening through a coming of age film, whether it's the arguing duet of Iggy and Maddie (Holda Sek), Jude’s haunting 7/4 guitar riff, or the chaos of Zak’s drums in the outro - the song is undeniably a potential young adult breakup anthem."

Listen below:



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