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Prog-Psych Singer-Songwriter Astral Gray Shares 'Mirror On The Wall', Releases New Album 'The Past Is In The Way'

Astral Gray, the Brighton-based celestial prog-psych-rock singer-songwriter, unveils his latest single, 'Mirror On The Wall', taken from his debut album 'The Past Is In The Way' which is out today.

Known for his distinctive 70s-inspired soundscapes and introspective lyricism, Astral Gray has solidified his presence in the music scene through extensive performances in Brighton, alongside notable acts like Sugar Candy Mountain, Derya Yildirim, and The New Eves.

In 'Mirror On The Wall', Astral Gray delivers a captivating blend of swirling organs, psychedelic guitar riffs, and deliberate percussion. His vocals, simultaneously commanding and vulnerable, evoke comparisons to a diverse range of artists such as Weyes Blood, The Doors, Pink Floyd, and Father John Misty, with hints of the recent sonic explorations of Arctic Monkeys.

As the track crescendos to its climactic conclusion, layers of fuzzy guitar tones and intricate vocal harmonies elevate the listening experience, offering a glimpse into the depth and intricacy that defines Astral Gray's upcoming album.

Reflecting on 'Mirror On The Wall', Astral Gray sheds light on its thematic underpinnings, stating, "It is a reflection of all the things I loathe about myself and the landscape of the modern political world, like the stubbornness of humanity and our impending doom."

Regarding the broader scope of his debut album, 'The Past Is In The Way', Astral Gray describes it as an introspective journey through celestial psych rock, intended to prompt listeners to question societal norms and personal ideologies. He hopes the album will spark contemplation about the growing need for perfectionism in a culture fraught with complexity.

Listen to the full album below:



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