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  • Ellie McGuire

Realma Offers a Masterful Cinematic Production on ‘Down the Railway Spine’

Realma's latest musical masterwork, "Down the Railway Spine," is a synth-pop offering that melds music and visual storytelling to create a captivating cinematic experience. This grandiose tune transports listeners to an interplanetary adventure while delving into the artist's personal issues with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with its throbbing beats and futuristic charm.

Essentially, "Down the Railway Spine" is an expression of Realma's unwavering vision and inventiveness that pushes boundaries. The song breaks genre norms by fusing synth-pop components with symphonic background music from video games to produce a sound that is all its own. Every element of the song, from the powerful rhythms to the eerie melodies, is expertly composed to arouse feelings of grandeur and excitement.

The story of an interplanetary racer out on a quest to save a younger sibling develops alongside the music. Realma draws listeners in on this grand adventure, guiding them over the difficulties of the unknown while they explore three different planets with compelling images and stirring lyrics. It's an exciting and thought-provoking voyage that takes audiences on an excursion of their own while also providing a glimpse into the artist's personal issues.

It's the accompanying 3D animated music video, "Down the Railway Spine," that's the actual brilliance of the song. The film, which was made in cooperation with the renowned animator Mihajlo Dragaš, takes viewers to an amazing world with neon-clad landscapes and surreal panoramas. The animation, which is reminiscent of old sci-fi movies like Tron and Blade Runner, is the ideal match for Realma's music, giving the listener an additional level of depth and immersion.

The cinematic and filmlike nature of "Down the Railway Spine" is what makes it stand out. Realma's production is characterised by a rigorous attention to detail that is evident in every area, including the big atmospheres and huge soundscapes. Her voice, which fits the futuristic mood of the song flawlessly, adds another level of depth and passion, pulling listeners into the story and piquing their curiosity.

“Down the Railway Spine is a song that delves deep into my innermost dystopian moments dealing with PTSD. Both the lyrics and the music describe those dark times when I'd been fighting a whirlpool of emotions in episodes of mental deterioration. Yet, there is also a heroic tone to the music, something undefeated, where I address those pieces of us that remain courageous and continue to defy even the eyes of the worst downward spirals. While there is some affinity towards gaming styles like epic tracks from League of Legends, this single is much more experimental with a distinctly experimental edge and highly irregular 7/8 rhythms pulsating throughout. I'm also thrilled to be collaborating again with the award-winning animator, Mihajlo Dragas, whose animated 3D music video represents a unique visual interpretation of the song with poignant characters and powerful storytelling,” Realma comments on the release.



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