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ROJS Unleashes Sophomore Single ‘Stockholm’

In his latest offering, alternative music artist ROJS captivates listeners with his sophomore single ‘Stockholm’. He delivers a uniquely alternative style that showcases his effortless lyricism and splendid production taste with versatility and creativity.

Taken from his forthcoming debut album, Inner Lights, set to be released this summer, this track emerges as a timeless tune that weaves a tapestry of sound that is both poignant and sincere. This resonance captures the essence of a generation seeking kinship in shared emotional depths showcasing the raw essence of his musicality.

‘Stockholm’ is a raw and reflective ballad that captures the calm of the nighttime hours. With a sound as revealing as a journal page, the tune is a synthesis of introspection and the universal pulse of emotion. Influenced by everything from the unusual to the classic, ROJS's skillful compositions create a soundscape that is both heartfelt and authentic. The essence of a generation looking for kinship in common emotional depths is captured by this resonance.

“Stockholm is about being stuck in a bad relationship that is kind of abusive but you are too drawn towards it to give up on it,” ROJS comments on the track.

As ROJS's profile grows, ‘Stockholm’  has evolved from a song to a part of his journey, replete with anecdotes and feelings that will speak to anybody who has ever found themselves lost in thought at four in the morning. The alternative version is produced with electric guitar, drums, mellotron, electric piano, and vocals. ‘Stockholm’ is a standout listen thanks to ROJS' reflective and melancholic moods throughout.



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