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  • Audrey Llana

Sam Ritchie Unleashes Newest Track 'I Get It'

Updated: Jul 3

Hailing from San Diego, talented indie artist Sam Ritchie has just released his latest single, "I Get It". The track is a summer anthem that radiates a warm feeling of nostalgia while showcasing Ritchie's smooth and calming vocals. It's an ideal feel-good track for late-night drives, capturing the essence of warm evenings and introspective moments. The song is both deeply personal and bittersweet, touching on themes of hopeless romanticism.

Ritchie describes the inspiration for the song: "I began writing this after a first date. I’d been on a few dates before—some even second dates—but nothing ever felt right. After this particular date, I was completely taken. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt perfect. I experienced the feeling I had always hoped for, and that’s when I started writing this song. The hook, 'I get it now what everybody's talking about,' is just me realizing what this feeling is again."

Crafted for those enchanting night drives after a first date when you just know this one is special, "I Get It" combines nostalgic vibes with heartfelt lyrics. With his talent for evoking feelings of warmth, comfort, and familiarity, Ritchie is ready to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere.



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