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  • Ellie McGuire

Sid Dorey Unleashes New EP ‘Drama in Doses’

Sid Dorey, who signed with Arthouse Entertainment Publishing, rose to prominence in the music business thanks to their unbridled talent, affable demeanour, and brutally honest storytelling style. The very gifted and unabashedly genuine indie-pop musician Sid Dorey has dropped their debut EP, Drama in Doses.

Through their songs, Sid Dorey celebrates LGBT identity and shares personal anecdotes. Their expressiveness and emotional fragility are evident in every song and tune since they have a solid foundation in musical theatre.

The EP examines trauma from the family, religion, self-destructive behaviour, and grief. They created this EP as a means of coping with all the upheavals in their lives, and they now hope that it may assist others in coping with the turmoil in their own lives.

Sid Dorey uses their debut EP to promote honesty and challenge cultural myths, paving the way for a bright future in the music business. The universal topics covered in, Drama in Doses, inspire listeners to confront their own challenges and find comfort as they embark on this musical journey.

"This EP is called ‘Drama in Doses’ because every song is a new dose of drama. It explores heartbreak, self-destructive behaviour, family trauma, and religious trauma. This EP came together because it was a way of me processing all the changes in my life, and I hope that now it can help other people process the drama in their life,” Sid Dorey comments on the release.



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