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  • Dave Bedford

Singer-Songwriter Larry Thomas Moore Jr. Returns with "Same Way"

Alabama-based independent singer-songwriter Larry Thomas Moore Jr. once again showcases his exceptional talent with his latest single, "Same Way." With a career spanning 28 years in the industry, Moore brings a wealth of experience to the table, evident in the high production quality and impeccable songwriting displayed in this track.

"Same Way" is vibrant with acoustic guitar, both rhythm and lead, demonstrating Moore's mastery of his craft. Drawing from his unique blend of blues and rock influences, Moore has carved out a niche for himself, delivering tastefully joyful tracks that delve into intimate thematic topics. In "Same Way," Moore's introspective lyrics reflect on his own shortcomings, presenting a humble and no-nonsense approach that resonates with listeners.

Throughout his solo career, Moore has consistently delivered singles that captivate audiences, and "Same Way" is no exception. The track delves into the essence of Moore's character, exploring themes of love, passion, and commitment while acknowledging his imperfections. Moore's introspective lyricism invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences, creating a deeply personal and relatable musical journey.

With "Same Way" and his previous singles garnering acclaim, Moore continues to build anticipation for what's to come. As he teases more music on the horizon, fans can rest assured that Moore's upcoming releases will be met with enthusiasm and open arms. Larry Thomas Moore Jr. is undoubtedly an artist to watch as he continues to leave his mark on the music scene with his soulful melodies and heartfelt storytelling.



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