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  • Ellie McGuire

Sleepin’ Grace Unleashes Masterful Composition on ‘Soul In Captivity’

Italian alternative rock band consists of Malik Raja (vocals, bass), Hoboken (keyboards, piano), Adry Field (guitar), and Yuu (drums). They have dropped their new single ‘Soul In Captivity’.

Experimenting with different genres and styles with their music, their sound comes across as distinctive. ‘Soul In Captivity’ has an original and unique sound that captivates listeners from the very beginning. With a genre blend of funk, classical, alternative rock, punk, and post-punk, the experimental elements combining all of these sounds masterfully create an excellent composition.

Sleepin’ Grace showcases their ever-growing musical abilities on ‘Soul In Captivity’ with their dedication to their artistic development as an alternative rock band.

“The song talks about the depression of young people due to the sadness of life,” Sleepin’ Grace comments on the release.



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