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  • Dave Bedford

Soul Kaktus Shines with New Single ‘The Sun In My Sky’

Singer-songwriter and producer Chen Asraf, known as Soul Kaktus, is gearing up to release his latest single, ‘The Sun In My Sky,’ from his forthcoming self-titled EP. Fusing elements of Soul, R&B, Classic Rock, and Bossa Nova, Soul Kaktus delivers a rich, heartfelt narrative through his music. His emotive songwriting and diverse musical influences create a unique sound that resonates widely as he navigates themes of love and self-acceptance, woven with soulful melodies and rhythmic grooves.

‘The Sun In My Sky’ is a poignant tribute to love and resilience. Written during a challenging period when Asraf's girlfriend moved to the UK while he stayed in Tel Aviv, the song captures the trials and strength needed to sustain a long-distance relationship. Produced by Asraf and recorded with his live band, the track showcases their collaborative synergy and musical chemistry.

"‘The Sun In My Sky’ is about reminding the person I love that she is the light of my life. Any self-doubts or crises between us are nothing as long as she remembers who she is and how strong our love is," says Soul Kaktus.

With his self-titled EP set to release in the summer of 2024, and the unveiling of ‘The Sun In My Sky,’ audiences can anticipate immersing themselves in the soulful sounds of Soul Kaktus and the heartfelt stories embedded in his music.



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