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STR^NGE Unveil Haunting New Single 'Timestuck'

Liverpool-based risers STR^NGE delve deep into themes of desperation and futility with their new single ‘Timestuck,’ released on June 20th. This psychedelic, 70s-influenced track offers a poignant exploration of existential angst, cementing the band's unique sonic identity and poetic lyricism.

Formed by Chrissy, the former drummer of The Mysterines, alongside James, David, and Leon, STR^NGE draws inspiration from iconic artists such as David Bowie and Talking Heads. Their music blends familiar influences with a refreshingly new approach, creating a captivating experience for listeners.

Produced by the renowned Jose Ibanez of The Heavy North, ‘Timestuck’ serves as a tantalizing preview of STR^NGE's upcoming debut EP. Departing from their previous sound, the band has embraced new styles and experimentations in the studio. The track merges melodic 70s flair with layers of piano strings and driving drums, evoking comparisons to The Beatles and David Bowie as well as contemporary acts like Arctic Monkeys. The song captures the fun and raucous nature of their live shows, underpinned by a yearning melancholy. It showcases the band's keen ear for melodic hooks and witty lyricism.

Reflecting on the single, STR^NGE shared their excitement about their evolving sound: "'Timestuck' is an attempt to capture a feeling of desperation and futility both in love and in general existence. It was written during a period in life where there was that fear of time and panic at existence which coincides with a major change. It's hard to express the connection that love has with ontological angst, and trying to fit both topics into one song was half a struggle but hopefully it does communicate the relationship between the two to the listener."

As they prepare for their debut EP release, STR^NGE continues to captivate audiences with their vibrant, genre-bending sound. 'Timestuck' is not just a single; it’s a statement of the band's artistic growth and their ability to turn existential themes into compelling music.

Listen below:



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