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  • Ellie McGuire

STREAMER Transcends with New Single ‘Possessify’

STREAMER unveils their polished new single ‘Possessify’. Inspired by creative people slowly losing their souls to the daily grind, and their desire to escape, the track embodies a fresh start rooted in stability and artistic growth.

Inspired by indie trance soundscapes and introspective ponderings, STREAMER establishes a unique presence where they blend genres of indie, rock, EDM, and trance. With poignant lyrics and an innovative atmosphere, the band continues to captivate listeners.

The track showcases their artistic maturity, merging his abstract vision with accessible melodies to usher in a new era of musical exploration. With Possessify’ and their unwavering dedication to their craft, STREAMER emerges as a band poised for extraordinary artistic heights.

“‘Possessify’ is about courage and conviction, not losing creative souls to the daily grind and the absolute need to ‘Feel Free, Fly High, don’t get so Possessified’,” STREAMER comments on the release.



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