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  • Audrey Llana

The Anomaly is Ready to ‘Go’ with a Musical Revolution

The Anomaly (Imran Khan) is an undeniably talented singer, songwriter, and producer with a powerful message to share with his audience. His newest alt-rock track titled ‘Go!’ serves as a clear and passionate political statement that's filled with inspirations from British and American alternative rock sounds reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s.

Go!'s hard hitting drums, strong electric guitars, and Khan's captivating vocals all come together to create a satisfyingly high-powered anthem filled with passion, rage, and a demand for change. It's edgy, daring, and bold and is catchy enough to stay in listeners' heads all day long.

Based in West London, The Anomaly is a fully independent artist who handles all aspects of production. Speaking on the track, Khan says “Go! is an anti-establishment song and a recognition that most politicians only have their own interests at heart instead of the interests of the public which they’re supposed to represent. And ironically it's the people highest up who have the biggest lust for power."

'Go!' is now available on all music streaming services.



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