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  • Dave Bedford

The Barefoot Bandit Releases Captivating New Single 'Turbulence'

Captivating fans with their hypnotic approach to Reggae, The Barefoot Bandit release their new single ‘Turbulence,’ a follow-up to their debut album ‘Hello Welcome.’ With their infectious energy and genre-defying sound, The Barefoot Bandit has been making waves in the music scene since their inception in 2015 with their unique melting pot of Reggae, Dub, World Music and Folk. 

‘Turbulence,’ a powerhouse track that captures the essence of their adventurous spirit, is an example of the band's rhythmic strength and melodic prowess. However, this track also seems to represent a big step forward for the band. Their instrumental composition is second to none as players fall in and out of the mix, creating a dynamic musical journey akin to the subject of the song. With heavy layers of brass and vocal harmonies and ambitious atmospheric reverb and delay littered throughout the rhythmic sections, The Barefoot Bandit alongside producer Dean Forrest have unlocked a sonic experience that is serene and laidback.   

Speaking on the track, the band stated that ‘Turbulence’ is a “lyrical tale of a person’s struggles in day-to-day life and sense to achieve.” It is an introspective metaphor for Front Man, Laurie’s, journey on learning to drive. ‘Turbulence’ channels adrenaline-fueled energy with its infectious rhythms and electrifying brass motifs that invite listeners to embark on a wild ride through its catchy melodies and emotive vocals. 

Having already comprised a captivating back catalogue, The Barefoot Bandit has made an addition that is welcoming to fans of Reggae both new and old. It tells a tale of fear and anxiety and reverts it into a fun, overwhelmingly enjoyable track that is unparalleled.



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