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  • Audrey Llana

The Gods They Made Drop Standout Track and Debut Album

Indie-rock and pop band The Gods They Made invites listeners to embrace the present and join them on a journey of musical liberation. Their song "Live for Now" is the standout track from their debut album titled Breathe In. Out for release on May 10, 2024, “Live For Now” also has a corresponding cinematic music video.

Mastered, mixed, and recorded by Steve Lyon, who has worked among heavyweights Depeche Mode, the Cure, and Eric Clapton, "Live for Now" is a track that serves as a statement from The Gods They Made, reflecting the collective yearning for freedom and spontaneity in a time of chaos and uncertainty. The track marks the very beginning of their first full album Breathe In, which is poised to be a milestone in their career. 

Reflecting on the song, the band states that "in this first focus track, like in the entire album, we wanted to weave  together, in each track, the themes of love, loss, and self-discovery." 

In the midst of a global pandemic, a new sound emerged from the confines of quarantine and The Gods They Made was formed. Based in the historic city of Geneva, Switzerland, during a time when social gatherings were a distant memory, The Gods They Made, an international quintet hailing from all over the world, found solace and expression through their music. The single "Live for Now" has evolved from its original form, a demo track titled "Our Escape," into a minimalist anthem that captures the zeitgeist of the current era.

The band's decision to strip back the arrangement has allowed for a more intimate experience, with the addition of a haunting violin played by the multi-talented keyboardist, Irwin, enhancing the track's emotional depth. The song speaks to the universal desire for escapism and the impulsive urge to hit the road without a final destination in mind.



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