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  • Audrey Llana

The Numb Project Releases Introspective New Track 'SAD EYES'

The Numb Project is the artistic moniker of Chris Calarco, a Portland, OR-based musician and producer. Merging elements of lofi, hip-hop, and cinematic music, Calarco creates soundscapes that are both introspective and expansive. His latest album Transmissions from a Troubled Radio released on April 16, 2024. Featuring the standout track ‘Sad Eyes’, Calarco invites listeners on an auditory expedition that defies genre boundaries and ignites the imagination.

‘Sad Eyes’  is the album’s final track which epitomizes the album's emotional depth and technical prowess. Influenced by the punchy beats of hip-hop legend Pete Rock, Calarco crafts a soundscape that juxtaposes melancholy with rhythmical clarity. Utilizing Ableton Live and a Push 2, he sculpts a lush minor chord progression, layering instruments and pads to create a gradual evolution of sound. 

‘Sad Eyes’ is not just a song but a narrative, encapsulating a sense of longing and introspection within its beats. It's this ability to capture the human experience so vividly that sets The Numb Project apart and makes not only the song, but the entire album resonate with listeners on multiple levels.

Drawing inspiration from the nuanced storytelling of cinematic scores and groove-forward beats of downtempo, "Transmissions from a Troubled Radio" stands as a pinnacle of The Numb Project's evolving discography. The album is a culmination of years of artistic exploration, with Calarco's signature sound maturing through previous works like "Soundbridge Sessions" and "Abstract Facts."



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