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Tracy Eckstrand Takes Her Power Back In ‘Come Around’

Tracy Eckstand, a folk-rock singer-songwriter, is making waves in the music industry with her innovative style. ‘Come Around,’, her most recent release, is accessible on all streaming services as she makes a comeback with her promising sound.

‘Come Around’, which is a pivotal track from her soul-stirring, brilliant first EP, Who Is Gonna Rescue You, takes the listener on an upbeat and moving journey. This Americana, acoustic, rock, and pop piece is produced by vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, and percussion. Tracy's rich vocals, timeless sound, and vulnerability as a lyricist all work together to create a stunning and moving song.

When Tracy was writing ‘Come Around’, she was going through a lot of personal anguish. There was a strong pressure to "hold it together" as she dealt with difficulties at work as a school psychologist, her mother passing away in a nursing facility, and her failing marriage. She picked up her guitar and started playing around with some chords because of her unnecessary worries. Natural words came out of her. Each person demanded something from her. She started singing the lines, "They think you can help them, pick up their pieces, but they don't know what you've been through." She needed a way out and was questioning everything. Because she didn't want to, she wrote ‘Come Around’ from the second person point of view.



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