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  • Paul Riley

We Don't Ride Llamas' "(2-Inch) Grave": A Powerful Ode To Resilience And Remembrance

In the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri's devastating toll on Texas, We Don't Ride Llamas emerges with their latest single, "(2-Inch) Grave", a poignant tribute to the storm's victims and a fervent protest against the greed that exacerbated the crisis. This Austin-based Afro Punk/Metal outfit, comprising Chase, Max, Blake, and Kit Mitchell, channels their passion for narrative-driven music into a cathartic musical journey that resonates with raw emotion and unyielding conviction.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical legends, including Robert Johnson, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Death, and Sister Rosetta Tharp, We Don't Ride Llamas infuses their genre-bending approach with deep respect for the roots of Rock, Punk, and Metal. "(2-Inch) Grave" stands as a testament to their unique blend of influences, showcasing a signature sound that is both arresting and authentic.

Reflecting on the genesis of the single, the band members reveal the personal significance behind its creation. "This song is extremely close to our heart and is an accurate portrayal of how we all felt inside out during that storm," they share. "I didn't know if our family was going to make it out alive. We had never been that cold before, especially not without sufficient help. I'm grateful that our community was there for us."

With "(2-Inch) Grave", We Don't Ride Llamas invites listeners into a musical space where shared experiences and emotions converge. From the hauntingly evocative lyrics to the thunderous instrumentation, each element of the track contributes to its visceral impact. As the band members pour their hearts into every note, their commitment to authenticity and connection with their audience shines through, offering solace and solidarity to those who have endured similar hardships.



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