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  • Ellie McGuire

X Revolution blurs the lines between hip-hop, rap, and electronic music on ‘New Dawn’

The most recent single from X Revolution ‘New Dawn’ blurs the line between hip-hop, rap, and electronic music. The emerging Australian artist defies conventional boundaries, creating a unique soundscape that draws inspiration from music's structural complexity and emotive power.

‘New Dawn’ possesses a contemplative blend of high-energy beats and emotionally charged lyricism. His musical abilities to craft music showcase that his music not only resonates but leaves a lasting impression. 

X Revolution’s groundbreaking ability to skillfully create a compelling track like ‘New Dawn’ demonstrates his versatility as an artist. He wrote this song for the curious listener who wants something different from what's popular. First, he jotted down the track's original piano line. Next, he reprinted the audio into a different channel and rearranged the arrangements. Afterwards, he composed a basic rhythm for it and experimented with an 808 bass during the chorus. He sound-designed a Reese bass and composed an arpeggio for the verses. He employed atmospheric elements in the background of the song to create an engrossing atmosphere and set the mood.

“How do we find a new way to pave paths into the future, for the better of humanity?” says X Revolution commenting on the release.



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