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  • Paul Riley

5 Reasons You Should Listen To SlickBoy Nae's New Single “PGFTS”

SlickBoy Nae is making waves in the hip-hop scene with his latest single, “PGFTS.” If you haven’t given it a listen yet, here are five reasons why you should add this track to your playlist today.

1. A Unique Blend of Styles

SlickBoy Nae brings a distinctive fusion of Northern East Coast hip-hop and Southern charm. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and now based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, he combines the gritty, raw energy of his roots with the laid-back, vibrant vibes of his new home. This unique blend creates a refreshing sound that sets “PGFTS” apart from other tracks in the genre.

2. Top-Tier Production by Kid Hazel

The production quality of “PGFTS” is top-notch, thanks to platinum-selling producer Kid Hazel. Known for his work with big names like 21 Savage and Coi Leray, Kid Hazel delivers a beat that is both infectious and sophisticated. The mix of synths, snares, 808s, and hi-hats creates a dynamic soundscape that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

3. A Celebration of Southern Beauty

“PGFTS” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s an ode to the diverse beauty of Southern women. SlickBoy Nae’s lyrics celebrate women of all backgrounds, highlighting their confidence, style, and allure. The chorus, “Pretty girls from the south wow / Like how you do that,” is an anthem that resonates with listeners and pays tribute to the vibrant culture of the South.

4. Infectious Energy and Catchy Hooks

One of the standout features of “PGFTS” is its infectious energy. SlickBoy Nae’s lively delivery and passion-fueled cadence make the track a joy to listen to. The catchy hook is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and have you singing along after just one listen. This is a track that demands to be played at high volume, preferably with the windows down on a sunny day.

5. SlickBoy Nae’s Versatility

While "PGFTS" is firmly rooted in hip-hop, it also showcases SlickBoy Nae's versatility as an artist. His ability to blend different genres and influences into a cohesive sound is impressive. This single hints at a promising future where Nae can explore and conquer various musical landscapes, keeping his audience excited for what's next.

Overall, SlickBoy Nae’s “PGFTS” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates high-quality hip-hop with a unique twist. From its stellar production and catchy hooks to its celebration of Southern beauty, this track has something for everyone. So don’t wait – give “PGFTS” a listen today and join the growing number of fans who can’t get enough of SlickBoy Nae’s infectious sound.



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