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  • Audrey Llana

Andrea Strappelli Drops Heartfelt Single 'There's a Time'

Italian musician Andrea Strappelli has recently unveiled his latest single, "There's a Time," a reflective piece that emerged from his dual life as an engineer and an artist. The single, which dropped on May 18, is a product of Strappelli's collaboration with the renowned Italian producer Mustrow.

The roots of "There's a Time" are found in Rome, where it began as an incomplete melody. It wasn't until Strappelli's move to New York, a city teeming with artistic vibrancy, that he was inspired to finish the lyrics, driven by the personal challenges and solitude of starting anew. When Strappelli returned to Italy, the song finally came together with the help of his close friends.

The track is a tranquil contemplation of life's varying moments, reflecting the emotional landscape of Strappelli's own experiences. To ensure the highest quality, the production was refined by Gustav Brunn, a Swedish sound engineer whose expertise has been recognized by multiple Swedish Grammy recipients.

Complementing the single, a music video directed by Tim Strecker and Paul Raphael d’Indy of Film376 Production Agency will be released. The duo, known for their collaborations with brands like Puma and Sony, have created a visual story that mirrors the song's message of personal growth and change, set against the scenic views of Malmo.

"There's a Time" represents more than just a musical release; it's a testament to Strappelli's journey through life's changes and his ability to adapt and persevere. The song's understated yet powerful arrangement encourages listeners to ponder their own paths, offering comfort in the universal experience of life's ups and downs.



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