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  • Ellie McGuire

Angie Perera Acknowleges Self-Worth On Debut Single ‘Rent’

Angie Perera, a singer-songwriter who blends R&B and pop sensibilities within her music, is making her introduction to the music industry with her debut single ‘Rent’.

R&B and pop components are blended into the motivational feel-good tune ‘Rent’. The captivating sonic soundscape offers a fresh perspective to her listeners. The intriguing instrumentation features bass, keyboard, bongos, and an assortment of percussion. Angie Perera’s warming vocals bring the song on in a beautiful tone.

Angie Perera worked with producer SincerelyMace on ‘Rent’. The heartfelt lyrics were penned first, and they experimented with the piano keys, which they eventually turned to make the powerful bass that serves as the song's foundation.

Angie Perera included layers upon layers of vocals and, of course, her beloved bongos to further evoke her Sri Lankan-Malawian roots. Her song showcases her powerful storytelling and emotional depth, and it has the potential to connect with audiences worldwide. She is positioned to have a big impact on the music industry because of her distinctive sound and message, which appeals to a wide audience.

“If you want to get inside of my head, you better pay rent,” Angie Perera comments on the release.



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