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Bathtub Swimming Unleashes Ambient Pop Tune ‘Tonight’

The muli-instrumentalist dynamic duo Bathtub Swimming is engaging listeners with their wide-ranging sound and intriguing vocals.

The dreamy vibe infused in the ambient pop tune ‘Tonight’ is produced by electric piano, drums, synthetic bass, electric guitar, and vocals.

‘Tonight’ is a song that highlights Bathtub Swimming’s introspective lyrics and rhythmic production. Their most recent release, which complements their whole musical record to date, demonstrates their artistry.

The song was originally supposed to feature a slow tempo, depressing keys, and a bass line that built suspense before breaking into an intense romantic moment. The lyrics of the song tell the story of someone waiting for a friend or a date to show up for an agreed-upon outing. The protagonist leaves the scene having had a realisation that she is responsible for her night and decides to go out on the town on her own after recognising she was duped. She transforms her disappointment at being abandoned into a source of inner power.

“‘Tonight’ showcases solitary enjoyment and self-empowerment,” says Bathtub Swimming on the release.



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