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  • Ellie McGuire

Catlea Yearns for Connection On ‘Like Me’

Emerging music artist Catlea’s latest single ‘Like Me’ finds the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist yearning for connection.

The song's infectious earworm combines pop, rock, alt-indie, and electronic dance music. ‘Like Me’ is a moving song with wonderful vocals that talks about our need for connection. It has a strong melody.

The chorus of the song is very memorable, and its familiar hooks add to its impact. The song's upbeat message of accepting oneself is easily absorbed by listeners because of its appealing melody. It is an optimistic, confident song that welcomes uniqueness and exudes confidence. The song's upbeat and joyous vibe is immediately established by its rhythmic instrumental start.

Catlea spent three years writing, producing, and honing ten new alt-indie songs for their upcoming full-length album, Language Barrier. They collaborated closely with producer Jason Boshoff (Ed Sheeran, Josh Groban, David Grey, Rufus Wainwright) of Room to Studios in Barcelona, Spain. At PLAY Audio, formerly known as Gwynne Sound, Catlea recorded all of her voice tracks locally.

‘Like Me’ is accompanied by a music video produced by Big Media Creative, who also worked on ‘Stressed Out’ by Twenty One Pilots.

“I love writing songs, making music, and performing live. I try to create music that has personal meaning to me and anyone listening,” Catlea comments on the release.



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