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  • Ellie McGuire

Circuit Faker Reveals Electronica Tune 'Ocular Therapy'

Circuit Faker draws from influences across many genres and past experiences in the groups Wiping Out Thousands, Tired Tongues, and The New Monarchs. His latest release ‘Ocular Therapy’ drops ahead of his debut forthcoming album, CIRCUMVOLVE

After taking a break from music production following his previous project and concentrating on travel photography, the COVID-19 epidemic and localised lockdowns forced him to return to music-making years after he had last picked up an instrument. As a result, a new home studio was established, and several concepts and demos were recorded.

Circuit Faker began to dream of the beauty of the world outside his four walls as he was writing. He questioned whether he would ever be able to see the world the same way because there was no indication that the lockdown would end. This gave rise to the idea of ‘Ocular Therapy’. 

The track acknowledges our admiration for the vast visual inspiration that was available outside of our homes, as well as our contempt for the banality that ruled our lives while we waited, cooped up in our homes.

The electronica offering showcases his versatility in production and his storytelling talent. He produced, mixed, and engineered the energetic tune solely. Blending buzzing synths, big beats, and soaring vocals, ‘Ocular Therapy’ will draw the listener in immediately.

“‘Ocular Therapy’ was the first demo track I began working on under the moniker Circuit Faker. Though it wasn't the first track to be completed, it became the best possible introduction to—and summation of—what Circuit Faker is,” says Circuit Faker on the release.



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