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  • Paul Riley

Covo Unveils Latest Hit “Plant Dad”

Rising artist Covo, known for his distinctive presence in the indietronica genre, unveils his latest single, “Plant Dad”. Hailing from a Puerto Rican-American background, Covo infuses his unique voice and innovative electronic elements into the indie music scene, captivating audiences with his introspective themes and heartfelt compositions.


“Plant Dad” stands as a testament to Covo's authenticity. His music goes beyond mere melody, becoming a vessel for emotional expression that is both personal and universally relatable. Covo's approach to songwriting emphasises individuality and empathy, setting him apart as a compelling and down-to-earth artist in the indie music landscape.


“Plant Dad” is a vibrant and playful indietronica track that is sure to resonate with fans of artists such as Mr.Kitty, Lauv, The Chain Gang Of 1974, ODESZA and Manatee Commune. In the creation of the track, Covo utilised Ableton Live 11 and his Push 2, employing a variety of Native Instruments VSTs and Splice samples to craft the distinct indietronica soundscape. The lyrics, inspired by a simple and playful theme, invite listeners to sing and dance along, creating a lively and engaging musical experience.


Reflecting on the new single, Covo shares, “‘Plant Dad’ is a fun, playful, melodic track about my love for plants and the joy I get from seeing them grow.” The artist's genuine enthusiasm for his subject matter shines through in the music, creating an infectious energy that invites listeners into Covo's world of green affection.


As Covo continues to make his mark in the indie music scene, “Plant Dad” serves as a testament to his ability to merge innovative soundscapes with relatable themes, solidifying his position as an artist to watch. “Plant Dad” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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