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  • Paul Riley

DLG. Shares New Single “NO SLACK”

Rising Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, DLG. continues to build up buzz via new single “NO SLACK” with Healy. 

Written in collaboration with Healy, who DLG. recently toured with to end 2023 on a high note, the track is about how unforgiving the path [musicians] have chosen can be at times. A laid back song about the juxtaposition of working in the music industry. 

"I wrote this song last year when I was nomadic and incredibly sick. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep; for 2 weeks I was pretty much unable to do anything except sit at a desk in my airbnb and attempt to make music. My house for the month was really nice, and the intention had been to finish up my EP there, but I was under a ton of stress and violently ill. It was an almost comedic contrast. The only thing that came out of those two weeks was this track. I sent it to Healy shortly after he had moved to NYC, and he was also feeling the weight of his new city. He resonated with the track, and the rest is history. I'm thankful for my career and everything I've achieved, but for most artists there's always a feeling that the ground you stand on isn't stable, and you have to keep moving or you'll sink. There's no room for error.” - DLG.

The new track serves as the follow up to a steady release of singles and collaborations this year, including “DIVE IN”, “STRANGERS” with KOASTLE  OVER MY HEAD! “KUNG FU,” and standout CLOSE ONE! which Ones to Watch notably called, effortlessly dancey…an excellent track to fall in love to.” Meanwhile, DLG. continues to connect with fans over breakout single Inside My Eyelidswhich has amassed over 28M+ streams

With a consistent catalog of feel-good tunes, DLG. has found success in his signature genre-blending style that appeals to the masses. His music has gained attention from the likes of Ones to Watch, Early Rising, Lyrical Lemonade and Daily Chiefers, while landing him placements in shows like HBO’s ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ and Netflix’s ‘You.’ Additionally, the artist has collaborated with Daniel Allan, Koastle and more, while also supporting Slenderbodies on tour in 2021. Now signed to Los Angeles-based independent record label 10K Projects, DLG. is ready to continue his rise and cement his status as ‘one to watch.’



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