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  • Ellie McGuire

Enrose Unleashes New Single ‘My Happiness’

Enrose, a new and nostalgic combination of catchy pop tunes, gritty guitars, and expressive New York musicianship, is influenced by Y2K pop, rock, and R&B. Their objective to carve out a lively, distinctive atmosphere and embrace unconventionality perfectly complements the name's origin, "La vie en rose," which symbolises an artistic and adventurous take on the world. 

Their latest release ‘My Happiness’ is a fierce addition to their music discography. The song’s concept revolves around realising that you are the only one who can make yourself happy when you look in the mirror. And the realisation that we all possess that ability gives us a sense of freedom.

Gabi Rose provides vocals and saxophone for the song, while Kit Benz plays keys and a keytar/synth solo. Jake Navarro plays drums, Valerio Fluido plays bass, and Nick Cabrera plays guitar. The song was composed by Gabi, Jake, Kit, and Anthony Lopardo of Westfall Recording Co., NY, who also serves as their producer and longtime partner. Ray Marte, who owns Westfall Recording Company NY with Lopardo, mixed and mastered the record.

The music video features a shot of Gabi talking to herself while surrounded by three mirrors,“How come you only come and call when you’re needing me?” Throughout the entire song, she asks herself why she only looks after herself when it's too late and she's at her lowest point. Rather, she wants to serve as a constant reminder to herself that she needs to put herself first even in happy times. as only she is capable of doing.

The five-piece pop rock band with a strong saxophone chorus, soulful vocals, a large synth solo, and influences from MTV Unplugged in the 1990s and early 2000s. Enrose's origins can be traced back to home parties and basement concerts in this song and music video, which is the purest form of music enjoyment.

Enrose combines fresh music with nostalgic touches. By fusing alternative rock, saxophone, and R&B, the band defies expectations of what is deemed "conventional," captivating listeners of all ages.



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