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Interview - B.K.W.H

B.K.W.H, a multi-talented artist, has released his highly anticipated album, 'Beckwith', featuring five UK Top 10 R&B songs and two UK Official Top 40 Hits.

We had a conversation with B.K.W.H regarding the release, his future plans, and the reasons you should listen to his music. Check it out here at IGNITE!

Hey B.K.W.H how are you doing?

Really good thank you. Excited and nervous about the release of the new album!

Who are your main influences as an artist?

I have so many but off the top of my head the R&B groups Boyz II Men, New Edition and Jodeci. I really love Hip Hop too so I would have to include Keith Murray and the Def Squad, Mobb Deep and De La Soul.

Sum up your music for us in three words?

Soulful, Lyrical, and Melody.

What's your biggest highlight as an artist so far?

I think when ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ got into the UK Top 40. Although we were projected to chart top 75, when we got to #29 it was unbelievable. A real achievement and a life goal fulfilled with one song.

How have friends and family reacted to your journey so far in music?

They have been incredibly supportive. They are always the first to download and stream my music and always form the backbone of our promotional campaigns.

Congratulations on the release of your new album 'Beckwith'. We're loving it! How did it come about and what’s the meaning and/or message behind the project?

Well, we decided to call it Beckwith so people would stop asking us what B.K.W.H stands for or means. The album itself is like a mini Greatest Hits, collection of singles from the last couple of years. There are five UK Top 10 R&B hits on there and two UK Top 40 hits.

What was the recording and writing process like for this album? 

Very quick and precise. The first two songs were cowritten with my best friend Marvin Ambrosius, who also acts in an Executive Producer capacity. Lyrically everything else is me. I wrote and produced a third of the album 100% purely by myself. Working with Jimmy Antony and DJ Souldchild was incredible and everything I hoped it would be. It was recorded in Wave Break Studio in Walton-on-the-Naze

How would you describe this album sonically for our readers?

It is a slice of classic Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B from the golden age of the 90s. Lots of melody, harmonies and uptempo beats, we actually don’t have any ballads or songs under 88bpms.

What are your plans for the rest of 2024? What can fans expect?

In the fourth quarter of this year, we have the Remix album dropping which is the last option on my record contract. Then I am working on some singles for early 2025. One of the singles I am working on called ‘Real Love’ I am very excited about.


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