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Interview - Centric

Centric and CJae's latest single is a masterclass in the best of Afrobeat and R&B genres. It showcased the unique musical synergy between the two songwriting pros, and we'll be able to see a lot more of it as they're set to release a collaborative album 'Redlight' later this year. We talk to Centric about the single and his incredible production career!

Hey Centric, such a pleasure to interview you! Do Time’ is such a smooth single! How did you and CJae first come together to start working on ‘Do Time’ together?

I had the piano melody in my head months before I crafted the instrumental. Once I had the blueprint of the production down, I kept adding sounds until it felt right. I even brought in some musicians that I know to add a little flare to the production. Once it was finished, I passed it along to CJae, whose songwriting skills are amazing. About a week later the song was finished. I came across CJae online and decided to reach out to him in 2022. We collaborated on a song called “Timing”. The song came out great and was received very well. It was around that time that I pitched the idea of working on a full album together. He agreed, so we just started working non-stop.

So, you've got this killer blend of Afrobeat and R&B in ‘Do Time.’ How did you guys decide to mix these two styles together and what was the process of making that vision a reality?

I don’t have a solid origin in the Afrobeat genre, although I have always loved the style of music. I am, however, very familiar with producing R&B, so when I decided to take a stab at producing Afrobeat, the R&B influence was infused naturally and created a unique blend. CJae is a Caribbean artist who can also cross over into R&B. So, my production and his style of singing are simply a match made in heaven.

Your upcoming album 'Redlight' sounds exciting! Can you share any details about what we can expect from it?

You can expect some great music-an interesting blend of R&B/Afrobeat along with a few dance records. Overall, it’s an amazing project.

You've worked with some big names like Kenya and Jagged Edge. Got any fun stories or behind-the-scenes moments you can share from those collaborations?

Well, I have one that’s fairly amusing. Kenya and I were shooting a visual for our single “Always On My Mind”. We had booked an “Airbnb” to use for the shoot. Well, let's just say half way through the shoot, our entire crew were kicked out. We ended up finishing the video shoot in a resident’s backyard in Oakland, CA. Crazy thing…the visual came out amazing. The key is staying positive…haha.

Before ‘Do Time’, which of your releases holds the most special place in your heart, and why?

I would say “Grand Opus - Forever”, and “Always On My Mind” (feat. Kenya).

Forever, because it was the first album Joc & I released as the Hip-Hop group “Grand Opus”. Some consider the album a classic. I would agree. “Always On My Mind” because it was start of a new path for me as far as my production goes.

Any gigs or upcoming events you’d like to share with IGNITE readers?

Not yet, but stay tuned for updated announcements!

Thank you for talking with us Centric!

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