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Interview - Troy Javelona

With over five million streams on Spotify, Troy Javelona is an emerging alt-R&B sensation from South West England. Following the viral success of his catchy track "Go Away," his vibrant new EP, "For You,"is the latest addition is making a significant impact on the alt-R&B scene once again. We talk to Troy about his phenomenal EP release...

Hey Troy! Congratulations on such an amazing release. ‘For You’ is awesome. So excited to interview you.

It's great to meet you! Thank you for this interview.

Your bedroom studio sounds like the ultimate creative haven! What's the vibe like in there, and do you have any must-have items or rituals that help you get into the zone?

I spend most of my days here. It’s a lot of isolation from the outside world, but it allows me to create authentic music. I would say the vibe is very much how I would describe my music: very chill. This might be weird, but I like to make my room is spotless before I make music — clutter disrupts my workflow. Before I make music, I listen a lot to my favourite artists. I have a big playlist that I put on. It allows me to get this burning motivation to make music, and then when I do, it gets me in a flow-state.

Each of the six tracks on ‘For You’ are awesome.  Which track from the EP was the most fun to create, and why?

'Dance' was my favourite track to create. That took like a day to make, everything just flowed creating that track. It’s about this one night where my girlfriend was dancing to music in the same room I make my music — then the next day I made that song, it captured that very moment!

You've gone viral on TikTok and racked up millions of streams on Spotify. How does it feel to have such a massive audience, and what’s the craziest fan interaction you've had so far?

I honestly can’t believe it still. I remember when I hit my first million, and it felt like I was dreaming. Not only that, but I really can’t fathom how much people listen to my music — it really hit when I looked at a picture visualising a million people in a stadium, and I was like “How can that many people listen to my music”. Unreal moment. The craziest fan interaction was when I was walking with my friends in my hometown Plymouth, and a guy walked past me, and then he turned his head, freaked out saying “Are you Troy Javelona?!?!”. He talked about how much he loves my music, and it was crazy to see me in real life. I’ve never had an interaction like that before in my life.

Your music blends alt-R&B with 'loverboy-indie' vibes. If you could create a playlist with three of your songs and three songs from your biggest influences, what would you pick?

My songs:


Go Away

Call Me

Three inspirational songs:

Give You The World - Steve Lacy

Movie - Tom Misch

Lil Baby Crush - Jordan Ward

These songs are literal masterpieces in my opinion.

We totally agree, Troy. When you're not making music, what do you love to do to unwind and stay inspired? Any favorite hobbies or guilty pleasures?

I love surfing. Being in the ocean catching waves is literally meditation to me. When I sit on my board waiting for waves, it really clears my mind and I think about everything so clearly. This helps me take my mind off music when I fell burnt out.

Looking back at your journey from London to Plymouth and into the music scene, what’s been the most unexpected lesson or piece of advice that’s stuck with you?

The best piece of advice is to keep building good discipline. Good discipline gets work done. When I was learning to create music, I was always looking to improve, and removing distractions allowed me to make really authentic music. I didn’t cut corners and I always make sure the music I put out is the best quality I can offer.

And also keep listening to new music. There’s so much good music out there…

Thanks for talking to us, Troy!

Thank you! This was really fun to answer.


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