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  • Ellie McGuire

Lu.Ci Narrates the Journey of Overcoming Life's Challenges on ‘Freedom’

Lu.Ci is a dynamic singer-songwriter and artist who has an edgy style that is influenced by her deep love for spoken word poetry and her open heart. She makes a comeback with her impactful tune ‘Freedom’ which narrates the journey of overcoming life's challenges.

The alternative, electro track serves as a rallying cry, Lu.Ci created an engaging message of fortitude and liberation from the past blending her captivating vocals by rapping and singing.

Because Lu.Ci's songs are rooted in her intense passion and compassion, they are sincere, true, and brave in the face of life's reality. The song perfectly encapsulates the fiery complexity of her captivating narrative with its huge beat and passionate lyrics. The alternate tune, which Lu.Ci produced in her home studio, includes samples, bass, drums, guitars, mellotron, and samples in addition to her vocals, which are a combination of singing and rapping.

Lu.Ci crafted an enchanting tune that encapsulates the profound sentiment of resilience. ‘Freedom’ showcases her musical prowess while highlighting her passion, authenticity, and ever-growing musical talents.

“I'm here, I'm me and I will be seen,” Lu.Ci comments on the release.



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