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Mark Duggan Yearns on New Ballad ‘Dance Myself to You’

Irish singer-songwriter Mark Duggan is renowned for his witty lyrics and ability to transport listeners to another place for the duration of a song by fusing electronic and acoustic components. ‘Dance Myself to You’, his most recent alternative rock song, marks his comeback.

The concept for the song ‘Dance Myself to You’ was to compose a tune that would build progressively from a lone solo instrument to a dense sound towards the end. The song has Mark Duggan's vocals and an intriguing production with synths, drum machine, bass, guitar, drum kit, and other instruments. It is a yearning, longing song.

The ballad, which builds from a whisper to an explosion of sound, is reminiscent of ostentatious '80s ballads. The song starts with simply an electric guitar and voice before adding bass, percussion, ambient pads, and other guitars. The song's final moments are driven by an electric guitar solo that was improvised in a single take and a choir of voices. One of three simple illustrations of loneliness from the lyrics opens each verse of the song. These visions focus the characters' thoughts on this missing individual, and no matter how hard they try or what actions they take, they are unable to bring them back.

The foundation of the song's sound is a range of synth and guitar parts that heavily rely on delays and reverbs to fill in the spaces between any rhythmic aspects. The goal when recording the guitar solo was to have it sound a little raw and guttural, and the drums were chosen to be quite traditional '80s. Near the end of the song, he decided to try some choral harmonies and added some harmonies to the chorus while singing lead.

The lyrics had to be written first in order to gauge how long the build-up should take, and once Mark Duggan had the three images that introduced each stanza, he wrote them quite quickly. He decided to finish the build-up with a long fade-out, leaving a lot of empty space in the song, which is why the outro lyrics were added later.

Because he loved how they brought the drama of the conclusion to the forefront, Mark Duggan decided to compose the outro lyrics over them and make sure every instrument performed much busier than they did earlier in the song. The bass was the last component of the song he added because his previous one broke during the demos and he had to buy a new one. The song's mix was intended to draw attention to the contrast between the quantity and quality of instruments played at the song's opening and closing moments, which give the song its dramatic climax.

An almighty release of a ballad, to me it is an acceptance of a situation and its emotions by letting them explode outward,” Mark Duggan comments on the release.

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