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My Five Favourite Albums - Casey McQuillen

1. 1989 by Taylor Swift

-Changeddd the way pop music sounded. I think pop music is ‘pre-1989’ and ‘post-1989’. The way this amazing woman is about to push her music into new areas blows my mind.

2. Runaway by Passenger

-I had this song downloaded to my phone when I traveled in Scotland with my sister on my first big trip abroad, and I listened to it while looking out of train car windows. It brings me right back to that moment of first feeling independence, and I will always love that album!

3. 21 by Adele

-This album came out right when I got my heart broken for the first time, and it was like she was speaking to my soul! My god I belted this in my room for months, my poor siblings on the other side of the wall!

4. Greatest Hits by James Morrison

-My first really big tour was opening for James on his Greatest Hits Tour around the UK and Europe, and it completely changed my life. This album fills my heart with joy because it brings me right backstage to watching James and his talented band kill it every night! James and his whole team were incredibly kind and inclusive, and gave me the confidence to feel I deserved to be there. It will forever be one of my favorite tours and favorite albums!

5. Coco by Colbie Callait

-When I was a budding singer/songwriter in high school, this album came out and completely influenced my writing style. I think I could sing this entire album top to bottom!  Seeing a woman have such a huge career based on her storytelling was so inspirational to me. 

Listen to Casey McQuillen's new single 'Talk In My Head' below.


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