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My Five Favourite Albums - Gianni Bee

My name is Gianni Bee, I’m a singer songwriter based in France. I like to define my music as « romantic indie folk » since it’s very focused on simple, mostly acoustic, comforting melodies, but with the freedom to explore with sounds from everywhere. For some reason it’s the indie folk genre that really touched me most when I discovered music, and that had easiest access to my emotions. I have so much admiration for these few albums in particular that were very influential to me.

The Pleasant Tree by Tom Rosenthal

Technically not album, but a collection of three EPs. To me this is the body of work closest to perfection I’ve ever encountered, at least in the way it resonates with me. I discovered Tom’s music at a very key moment in my life, when I was struggling to figure out who I was musically speaking, what to sing, what to write. It’s hard to define what I like so much about it, I just instantly felt like this man’s way with words and music, a way that includes both depth and humour, and that reveals the beauty and romance in everything, was the way I wanted for my music. 

For Emma Forever Ago by Bon Iver 

This is a no-brainer, just because it is one of the most iconic indie folk albums. There’s something so magical and inspiring for an independent artist about the fact it was made entirely in a cabin in the woods, and yet sounds like nothing created previously. 

Fine Line by Harry Styles 

To me this is the go-to summer album, such a beautifully diverse album. I love that it embraces so many emotions, but always in a sunlit way if that makes sense. I love the calmer songs like « To Be So Lonely » that really inspired me for Sunflower. 

folklore by Taylor Swift 

The lyrics. Oh god, the lyrics. The stories. I don’t know any other artist where you can listen to their albums casually for hundreds of times and all of a sudden one song that you never really noticed hits you like a truck. And it happens for pretty much every song. 

All The Little Lights by Passenger 

It’s one of the albums that made me discover the folk genre that is very dear to my heart. The stories and the emotion behind every song depict a landscape that is special to me. 

Gianni Bee's new single 'Sunflower' is out now. Listen below.


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