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My Five Favourite Albums - Rob Lalain

Rob Lalain's track 'Life' is a masterful blend of classic rock and pop, imbued with a timeless, Beatlesque quality

The song showcases Rob's exceptional skill as a self-taught musician, with intricate instrumentals and soulful vocals that resonate deeply. His collaboration with Sean Weyesr on this track adds a refreshing dynamic, making 'Life' a standout piece in his latest album.

The song not only highlights Rob's musical evolution but also his ability to connect with listeners through authentic and emotionally charged lyrics. 'Life' is a testament to Rob's enduring passion and talent, making it a significant addition to his impressive discography.

In an exclusive interview, Rob Lalain shares his top 5 albums that have influenced his musical journey, offering insights into the inspirations behind his creative process.

Revolver (The Beatles)

Why? I remember getting into The Beatles when I was 12 years old. It was the 20th anniversary of their arrival

Sgt. Pepper’s (The Beatles)

In the United States and I was listening to a local radio station who was playing non-stop Beatles music. My Mom drove me to the local record store the next day and bought me my first Beatles album: The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits. Over the next few months I got the entire Beatles catalog in order of release and I remember getting to Revolver and being blown away by what I was hearing. Following that into Sgt. Peppers I was engulfed with the idea of a concept album and the ability to get as creative as you want to be with music. Abbey Road capped it off with the long medley on side 2. I was sold and knew I wanted to write my own songs.

Abbey Road (The Beatles)

From The Beatles I ventured into Paul McCartney’s entire library and was enamored with his ability to play all the instruments on his songs and do all the vocals.

Use Your Illusions 1 & 2 (Guns N Roses)

After that it’s quite a leap to the Use Your Illusions albums from Guns N Roses. What caught me was their ability to go from heavy rockers to the epic ballads like Don’t Cry, November Rain, and Estranged.

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory (Oasis)

Finally, the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory album by Oasis created in my mind that somebody outside of The Beatles could write Beatlesque songs. Great melodies throughout the entire album and some of the greatest rock and pop songs of the 90’s.

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