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My Five Favourite Albums - The Rooks

The Rooks' debut single, 'Lay Me Down,' bursts onto the indie rock scene with a fervent display of raw emotion and infectious energy. From its compelling opening chords to the poignant delivery of its lyrics, the track showcases the band's ability to craft powerful, soul-stirring music. With its blend of guitar-driven melodies and authentic storytelling, 'Lay Me Down' is poised to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression.

Following the exhilarating musical journey of 'Lay Me Down,' the interview delves into The Rooks' influences and favorite albums. Each band member shares insights into the albums that have shaped their musical journey, offering a glimpse into the diverse range of inspirations behind their sound. From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, The Rooks' eclectic taste in music reflects their passion for the art form and sets the stage for an engaging and enlightening conversation.

Photo Credit: Ellen Quinn


Ross - Lead Vocals

Only By The Night - Kings Of Leon

Only by the night is one of my favourite albums with it’s songwriting and vocals. The bands choruses have similarities to ours by using minimal, catchy hooks. I envy the rasp and childlike squeals in Caleb’s vocal - perfectly showcased on my favourite track from the album ‘ I Want You’.

Matthew - Rhythm Guitar

Please Please Me - The Beatles

Lennon’s raw, torn vocals on the bridge of Misery and kamikaze Twist & Shout are hard to top for me. 'Ask Me Why', has some of my favourite Beatle harmonies. Even the covers, 'Chains' by King and Goffin and 'Baby It's You' by Bacharach are so well interpreted. It’s very human.

Cammy - Lead Guitar

America - America

America’s self-titled debut album is one of my favourites. For a folk rock album, the chord progressions and arrangements are relatively complex in an interesting and pleasing way. There’s a great balance between the uplifting songs like ‘Riverside’ and slower, heartfelt songs like ‘I Need You’. The harmonies on the album are incredible, sang to perfection from the very first line.

Kieran - Bass

Faces - Ooh La La

I love it for it’s unseriousness. It’s like a drunken devotion to the dwindling blues rock sound of the time. It’s their last album and all five of them were going onto better things, along with the music industry, so it just becomes this sloppy celebration of blues standards. It’s the early 70s and I think they just made this for a payday before they could really get going into Glam-rock and disco era. The result is a fiery and then melancholic amalgamation of sounds gone by and what’s right around the corner. “Just Another Honky” sums the whole thing up. The rhythm section is so tight, Ronnie Lane’s bass is some of the most melodic stuff I’ve heard while keeping it steady so a future Stones guitarist can play as he likes. It’s ridiculous.

Coll - Drums

OK Computer - Radiohead

'OK Computer' - groundbreaking album that pushed the boundaries of rock music is. A foresight into the world we’ve ended up growing up in. ‘Paranoid Android’ still sounds like the future. It won’t go out of style.

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