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  • Kenny Sandberg

My Five Favourite Songs with brian&matt

With their latest single 'SAY THE WORD' available to stream now, fast-rising duo brian&matt talks us through their five favourite albums of all time.

  1. Pathetic - blink-182 I love this song.  You can hear where Blink really started to get their sound, they really riffed off of the back and forth between two lead singers, which is something we try to emulate in our own music, and are going to make a bigger push for in upcoming music.

  2. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco This whole album is great, but specifically we love this song.  Panic does a great job capturing the roaring 20’s vibe throughout the whole album.  This song does a great job depicting growing up, getting more mature, and moving on with life in a longer term relationship or marriage.

  3. Childhood - blink-182 This is a new song by blink, however this song is so well done, i had to mention it.  We believe this song capped off their album so beautifully, reminiscing about how great it was to grow up a 90’s kid, how we thought and were told that everything “would be ok”, but then you grow up and life just gets harder and harder.  As mentioned above with Panic, we try to encapsulate a feeling in each of our songs, and this song is a great example of making the listener really feel the nostalgia through each chord, each instrument, and each word that was precisely chosen.

  4. In Too Deep - Sum 41 This song is so much fun.  It holds the original Sum 41 sound, but is much more poppy.  This song has a 100% chance of being blasted anytime it comes on in my car.  We grew up with this song, and it will always hold a place in our hearts.

  5. Longview - Green Day Everyone loves Green Day.  This song is so much fun, that sweet drum intro into the sick bassline that eventually pulls into a pretty heavy chorus.  Green Day (as always) did a great job on this one.  I remember learning the bassline as a kid and jamming to this song over and over and over again.



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