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Myles from Home Seeks a Logical Solution on ‘Dusty Lavender’

The most recent single from Myles from Home ‘Dusty Lavender’ gives listeners a chance to dance to their anthemic folk-rock tune.

A variety of genres are combined in Myles from Home to produce an engrossing release. Their sound combines a variety of genres with sombre lyrics and a gentle folk-pop feel. The production of ‘Dusty Lavender’ is funky and features guitar, bass guitar, percussion, organ, and harmonica. The outstanding vocals are delivered with real passion and compassion.

Similar to numerous other songs, Myles composed the guitar portion while perched on his Vancouver, Canada, balcony, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean. The lyrics were composed considerably later, after the music was completed. “I joked that I was going to write a song about all the hippie-witchy stuff she was into and call it Dusty Lavender while laughing with a lady I was deeply in love with.” He did create the song, in fact, months after she went.

“Some people are into astrology, some are into astronomy. Some people worship the moon, some people design rockets to go there. This song is about loving someone with a different worldview and the struggle to keep an open mind and truly understand them. The simple structure is built around an anthemic sing-along chorus with a briefly mathy harmonica solo. The chorus asks a series of questions and the song concludes with the only logical solution - “I will always love you”. We all love a Dusty,” says Myles from Home on the release.



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