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  • Ellie McGuire

Novisce Unleashes New Single 'C'est Captial'

NOVISCE, the creative project of Jean-Charles Guichardot, has just released its debut single “C’est Capital”. Jean-Charles uses music as a universal language to convey his artistic vision.

NOVISCE symbolizes the acceptance that despite accumulated knowledge, the artist remains a novice in the face of life’s spontaneity and uniqueness. For this project, Jean-Charles collaborated with cellist and singer Marie-Céline Jules and the project is directed by DARAN, a renowned director and artistic visionary known for his sensitivity and relevance.

“C’est Capital” emerged from the need to react to societal issues, capturing the essence of French life through an electro-pop sound.

Jean-Charles, a 36-year-old artist, began his musical journey over a decade ago as a drummer. He later trained as an actor in Paris and continued his musical progression, eventually focusing on singing and guitar. His training includes courses at the Paris Conservatory and the Jazz School of Montpellier, and he is currently studying at the Besançon Conservatory.

Writing has been a necessity for Jean-Charles for over fifteen years, serving as both an expressive outlet and a tool to question reality. His transition to songwriting allows him to better convey his ideas and emotions.

“C’est Capital” is available now, providing a glimpse into NOVISCE’s unique musical approach and setting the stage for the upcoming debut album ‘JUDAS’.



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