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Samuel Oscar Mesmerises with Pop Gem ‘I Need Your Love’ - A Glimpse into Finding Love

After three years of being one of the world's most sought-after singer-songwriters, solo musician Samuel Oscar has amassed tens of millions of hits, clicks, and views on his YouTube channel alone. Samuel is no stranger to the idea of becoming viral, as seen by the phenomenal popularity of his original singles like "Leave You," "Patience," and "Thinking Of You," as well as his incredibly charming adaptations of popular songs like "Killing Me Softly" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." Originally from Iceland, his music has spread over the world, appearing on radio programmes in the USA and the UK and being highlighted in numerous prestigious periodicals.

He returns with his latest single “I Need Your Love” taken from his debut album, Happy Ending Fantasy. Examining the idea of genuine love from many angles, such as meeting the person you want to live a lifetime with, the value of self-love, the destruction of unrequited love, the happiness and delights of fleeting love, and more - the album is a brave and emotionally charged music trip that aims to reach the core of the human heart. By bravely exploring emotive themes of insecurity, depression, happiness, and emotional instability and by drawing on his vulnerabilities to demonstrate that everyone experiences ups and downs in life, Samuel's perceptive songwriting achieves new heights. Everyone should accept our genuine ideas, feelings, and emotions as they shape who we are and help us to move forward fearlessly.

It is abundantly evident that Samuel has what it takes to enthrall listeners worldwide with the lead single from his new album, "I Need Your Love," highlighting his flawless vocals, enticing hooks, and remarkable ability to move listeners through his music.

"I Need Your Love" is an incredibly wonderful song that modestly depicts the massive lengths we all go through to find our soulmate. It drifts between the fairy tale dreams in his imagination and coping with the reality of the battle to find the person he's supposed to spend his life with. "I Need Your Love" is a positive, optimistic, and upbeat song that shows how we can all pursue genuine love despite obstacles and serves as a reminder that love, in all of its manifestations, is what truly makes life worthwhile.

“‘I Need Your Love’ is speaking towards as if happiness is a person, and that the song is he will do anything for a relationship to find that person. The song has a preachy feel to it, love and hopeful tones that feel upbeat,” Samuel Oscar comments on the release.



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