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  • Paul Riley

Song Of The Day: Weyinmi – "Jealous"

In the ever-evolving landscape of Afro-fusion, Nigerian artist Weyinmi continues to carve his own path with his latest single "Jealous". Teaming up with the talented artist/producer RaytheBoffin, Weyinmi delivers a smooth and captivating track that delves deep into the complexities of modern love.

"Jealous" is more than just a song; it's a narrative of love, longing, and the tumultuous emotions that come with it. From the opening bars, Weyinmi sets the stage with his trademark Afro-fusion sound, blending elements of contemporary R&B with infectious rhythms that immediately draw listeners in.

The lyrics of "Jealous" paint a vivid picture of the struggles inherent in undefined romantic relationships. Weyinmi's intimate and relatable verses speak directly to the heart, capturing the insecurities and fears that often accompany love. Lines like "Baby I’ve been scrolling through your Instagram" and "How we do the things that we both say that we shouldn't" resonate deeply, reflecting the complexities of modern courtship in the age of social media.

Throughout the track, Weyinmi's vocal delivery is smooth and effortless, riding the beat with precision and emotion. His ability to convey vulnerability and raw honesty is truly commendable, drawing listeners into his world with each passing verse.

As a follow-up to his previous single, which garnered over 250k streams, "Jealous" is poised to become a fan favorite. It showcases Weyinmi's growth as an artist and cements his status as a major player in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.

In summary, "Jealous" is a testament to Weyinmi's talent and artistry. With its infectious melodies, relatable lyrics, and undeniable charm, this is a song that will resonate with listeners long after the final note fades away. Weyinmi has once again proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with, and "Jealous" is further evidence of his boundless potential.



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