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The Call From Upstairs unleash their unique 80s dream pop sound in ‘Fading’

The Call From Upstairs ventures into the realm of enigmatic DIY alt-rock with their latest single, 'Fading,' inviting listeners on a mesmerising journey through dream pop, new wave, darkwave, and slowcore influences. As 2024 unfolds, this dreamlike release emerges as a compelling introduction to the project's sonic exploration.

'Fading’ is a slow-tempo composition that serves as the evocative centrepiece of The Call From Upstairs' repertoire. Born from the challenge to traverse softer musical landscapes, the track immerses itself in dark 80s pop vibes, weaving a rich fabric of layered synths and intricate production. The result is an introspective sonic voyage that resonates with depth and emotion.

In the midst of the musical symphony, 'Fading' unfolds The Call From Upstairs' distinctive lyrical prowess. The chorus line, "Falling for you feels like Fading," encapsulates the profound sentiment of yearning to express intense emotions to someone whose presence eclipses the significance of the outside world.

“Fading is about wanting to express your true feelings to someone who you’re so enthralled with, the rest of the world seems to be irrelevant.”

Within this enchanting opus, The Call From Upstairs crafts a signature tableau with 'Fading.' It seamlessly blends downtempo dream pop with elements of synth-pop, new wave, and slow-core, creating an atmospheric piece destined to linger in the listener's mind. 'Fading' not only marks a triumphant start for 2024 but establishes The Call From Upstairs as an intriguing force in the alternative music landscape. Check it out now.



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