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The Violet Mine drops ‘White Night’ - a glimpse into a new era

The masterminds behind The Violet Mine are Jim Barry, a songwriter and musician, and singer-songwriter Meredith Minogue. They have created a magnificent ten-track compilation, White Night, that skillfully blends aspects of rock n' roll, alternative, indie-folk-rock, and singer-songwriter genres. With hints of new wave, dream pop, paisley underground, and garage rock, the songs are lyrically focused, atmospheric, introspective, and organic. When they capture live performances in the studio, they edit the footage very little and then add layers or different colours to give the performances a more intense look. It is an engrossing musical journey that showcases their growth as performers.

Many of the tracks on the album were influenced by the music The Violet Mine was listening to and the unrest taking place in the world. The tunes are inspired by whatever is happening in their heads and the outside world. Many of the songs deal with themes of vulnerability and exploitation, though not all of them do. Stories of people going through difficult times, looking for meaning or purpose, and being taken advantage of by politicians, religious authorities, con artists, romantic partners, etc. are told in The Violet Mine. They talk about using fear as a means of deceit and illusion to control those who are weaker. What is the mutually accepted illusion? They look for the truth rather than what politicians, the media, and authority figures tell them and have conditioned them to believe.

White Night, showcases The Violet Mine's maturing recording and composition skills. We attempt to acoustically create an environment for every track from a production perspective, and this one requires something organic, live, and spontaneous. The release showcases a glimpse into a new era with diverse and rich content. Their distinctive fusion of storytelling, and genre-blend of various music sensibilities, undoubtedly makes this a stand-out piece of work from The Violet Mine.

“The songs are always a combination of internalizing what’s happening externally, of looking at what’s going on around me and trying to process what I feel about it. I write in an effort to make sense of things that make no sense,” Meredith comments on the release.

“It’s only once we have really solid material that we decide to make an album and share it with other people. Usually, we look at all the songs and can see an unconscious connection between them, then we start the process of creating a visual to go with the sound,” Jim comments on the release.



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