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  • Ellie McGuire

Tom Neilson Unleashes New EP ‘This Love I Know’ 

Tom Neilson ventures into the realm of folk and pop with strong references to alternative and classical sounds, with the release of his debut EP, This Love I Know. He invites listeners on a captivating journey showcasing his efforts to pave the way for his solo career in the music scene.

Tom Neilson pushes musical boundaries with this compilation of tracks. His extensive musical journey, marked by numerous successes and a deep-rooted passion for music, is reflected in every note of this EP.

Each track on the EP encapsulates Tom Neilson’s raw strength and emotive depth, weaving together a cohesive narrative of his distinctive journey.

“In this EP, I aimed to share the stories of the love I've experienced and how it has shaped my life. Love is what gives life meaning; it connects us, tears us apart, and ultimately makes us whole. It's what truly matters in the end. I wanted to convey that narrative and create something that resonates with people and brings them joy,” Tom Neilson comments on the release.

This Love I Know, stands as a testament to Tom Neilson’s artistic growth and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Whether you're a long-time fan of Tom Neilson or a newcomer, this EP is a must-listen. Just push play, and let the music speak for itself.



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