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  • Ellie McGuire

X Revolution ‘SLF WRTH’; Conquering One’s Past

X Revolution is here to bring about genuine change, not merely play music. Every phrase he writes and note he tunes is done with painstaking attention to ensure it makes a lasting impact. He uses his talents to inspire and educate listeners on life's broader perspective.

This song combines his signature lyricism, silky voice, and hip-hop roots. His latest song, ‘SLF WRTH’, blurs the lines between hip-hop and rap, as he pushes his experimental edge to the limit. It's a sombre tune with powerful beats and moving lyrics. X Revolution showcases his groundbreaking potential with an enthralling single, showcasing his ability to create music that resonates and has an impact.

‘SLF WRTH’ goes deeper, demonstrating his growth and talent as he writes for the receptive listener who longs for something different from the norm. The song is constructed as a verse and chorus arrangement using sounds from a few older records. The song's main artist, Melia Lisa, received it from X Revolution after the latter laid down the song's basic framework.

"Conquering one's past and moving on, not letting whatever hit you in the past, drag you down no more,” says X Revolution commenting on the release.



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