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  • Ellie McGuire

Yester Daze Unleashes New EP ‘Nothing, Perfectly’

The outstanding EP ‘Nothing, Perfectly’ by Yester Daze is a great example of how adaptable their music can be. Pop punk, grunge, and alternative rock are all blended together in these six songs, which pay homage to their discography.

On ‘Nothing, Perfectly’, Yester Daze gave every note and tone their all. This EP is a major musical accomplishment as well as a testament to their tenacity and unwavering devotion to their profession. The concept is to always be true to who you are in order to get the respect of others. Their distinct approach builds upon and enhances the melodic structure. Fans of bands like Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Green Day, Sum 41, and others will like the catchy choruses and powerful guitars in each song.

‘Nothing, Perfectly’ showcases the band’s versatility as musicians, delivering a collection of songs that are universally relatable and deeply personal.

“Nothing, Perfectly, means a lot to me personally. A lot of the lyrics touch upon my mental health struggles with some blatantly referencing my suicide attempt and darkest days, as well as failed relationships and feelings of not being good enough. This EP sounds like what I grew up listening to and what I always wanted to make. We’re getting closer to our sound with every song and I love that.” Yester Daze comments on the release.



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