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  • Ellie McGuire

Lisa Ramey ‘Foretaste’; A Sample of What’s to Come

In the realm of singer-songwriters, vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey stands out with her acclaimed insightful lyricism, thought-provoking storytelling, and irresistibly catchy tunes.

As she returns with her brand-new EP ‘Foretaste’, it’s a celebration for both herself as an artist and her avid lasting audience.

Lisa Ramey's musical abilities and personal growth in the music industry are both highlighted in ‘Foretaste’. Without any restrictions, the EP enabled her to explore her identity as an artist. Her identity and the things she writes about absolutely satisfy her.

The lead single ‘Better Than That’ exemplifies Lisa Ramey’s sophisticated approach to her music. The anthemic tune is a special offering. This track had to address how the world, relationships, and friendships ought to be better than they currently are. Merging genres of pop, soul, and R&B, the gentle, yet passionate, production is a heartfelt addition to the EP.

Throughout the EP, Lisa Ramey’s poignant lyrics and lingering melodies seamlessly blend elements of R&B, rock, reggae, and gospel beautifully together in a captivating manner.

“‘Foretaste’ is a sample of what's to come! I'll be releasing a full-length album and wanted to give my listeners a taste of what's to come. ‘Better Than That’ is a surprise for my listeners that completes the EP,” Lisa Ramey comments on the release.



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