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My Five Favourite Albums - The Kiss That Took A Trip

Unveiling the Artistic Taste of The Kiss That Took A Trip: A Visual Journey Through Their Top 5 Music Videos

Step into the enigmatic realm of The Kiss That Took A Trip, a musical project that defies convention and blazes its own trail through the alt landscape. Led by the visionary M.D. Trello, this Madrid-based endeavour has captivated audiences with its genre-defying soundscapes, melding elements of post-rock, ambient, and experimental music into a mesmerising listening experience.

As anticipation reached a peak for the latest album, 'Victims of the Avantgarde', we embark on a journey through the visual mind of The Kiss That Took A Trip. In this exclusive exploration, we delve into his top 5 music videos; From the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of Björk, to the paradoxical angst of Nine Inch Nails, each music video offers a window into the multifaceted music tastes of The Kiss That Took A Trip.

'Sugar water' (Cibo Matto)

Album: Viva! La Woman

Artist: Cibo Matto

Released: 1996

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Pop, Halloween music

'Come to daddy' (Aphex Twin)

Album: Come to Daddy

Artist: Aphex Twin

Released: 1997

Genre: Dance/Electronic

'March of the pigs' (Nine Inch Nails)

Album: The Downward Spiral

Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Released: 1994

Genres: Industrial metal, Alternative/Indie, Metal, Pop, Rock

'The everlasting gaze' (Smashing Pumpkins)

Album: Machina/The Machines of God

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Released: 2000

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Rock

'Bachelorette' (Björk)

Album: Homogenic

Artist: Björk

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Dance/Electronic, Pop

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